2014 Family Child Care Tax Companion is Now Available!


My 2014 Family Child Care Tax Companion is now available from Redleaf Press.

2014 Family Child Care Tax Companion

The Tax Companion is for providers who use tax preparers. It contains a series of worksheets and checklist tied to specific IRS tax forms (Schedule C, Form 8829, Form 4562) that you can use to compare with what your tax preparer puts on your tax forms.

It offers a line-by-line commentary on these key tax forms which will help you and your tax preparer understand exactly where your business deductions should be claimed.

You should give this book to your tax preparer who will use it as a guide to complete your tax forms.

Unfortunately, not all tax preparers understand the unique tax rules that affect family child care providers. This is the perfect tool to use with your tax preparer to help identify potential errors. Contains help on finding and resolving problems with your tax preparer.

The 2014 Family Child Care Tax Companion also contains a chapter on common mistakes made by tax preparers, along with citations to IRS written authorities that set the record straight.

Note: if you are doing your own taxes, you should purchase my 2014 Family Child Care Tax Workbook and Organizer. That book will help you accurately complete you own tax forms.

It’s 60 pages and costs $17.95. Order here. Or Call Redleaf Press at 800-423-8309.

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