A Helpful New Guide to Visits, Inspections, and Interviews


As a family child care provider you must deal with a variety of people who enter your home: licensors, Food Program representatives, parents, fire inspectors, accreditation monitors, and so on.

The new book Family Child Care Guide to Visits, Inspections, and Interviews offers a wealth of information on how to make these occasions more successful for you and your business.

Through a presentation of a series of case studies the book offers skill-based solutions and successful strategies to address each type of visit or inspection.

Case studies include:

* How to be assertive, but not aggressive when handling conflicts with parents

* How to respond when you are unprepared for a licensing visit

* How to communicate with parents who have different communication styles (Independent Irma, Chatty Cathy, Agreeable Annie and Factual Fred)

The book also contains a series of checklists and self-examination activities to help you positively connect with potential families, specialists, and inspectors.

The book was written by Donna C. Hurley and Sharon Woodward and is published by Redleaf Press ($17.95).

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