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I’m Tom Copeland and I’m here to assist family child care providers become more successful in their business. Family child care is a unique home-based business where children are cared for in the home of the provider.

If you are a provider this website will help you learn how to save money on your tax return; how to market your business; how to establish a business relationship with parents through a contract and policies; how to reduce your risks through insurance; and how to manage your money and plan for retirement.

If you work for an organization that assists family child care providers (Child Care Resource and Referral Agency, Food Program Sponsor, Family child care association, military, etc.) this website will help you keep providers up-to-date with the latest information on running a successful business.

If you are a tax professional this website will help you understand the unique (and changing) tax rules affecting providers. It will also connect you with tax resources if you are involved in an IRS audit of a provider.

I’ve been working in the family child care field since 1981. I am an independent consultant who works with many organizations, including the National Association for Family Child Care.

I conduct training workshops across the country and deliver monthly webinars. For details, contact Mandi Schill at mschill@nafcc.org; 801-886-2322 (ext 225).

Please contact me if you have a question about the business of family child care at tomcopeland@live.com.

I’m excited about the ways in which this website can be useful to many! Hope you will find it useful in your work.


I am not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or financial advice or any other professional services, and I’m not responsible for the outcome of how the information in this webiste is interpreted or applied. If you require legal or expert tax assistance, obtain the services of a qualified professional.

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All of the articles on this website are copywritten by Tom Copeland.

Readers of this website may use the contents under the following rules:

No information from this website may be sold in any way without the written permission of Tom Copeland.

Copies of articles or handouts from this website may be reproduced and used for training purposes when the participants are in the same room as long as the following appears on the bottom of each article or handout: “Copyright by Tom Copeland; www.tomcopelandblog.com”

Any other use of copies of articles or handouts from this website is prohibited without the written permission of Tom Copeland.

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