Additional Webinar Scheduled on “What the New Tax Law Means for Family Child Care”

Update: This webinar has also filled! I’m waiting to see if NAFCC will schedule another one. In the meantime, providers can register for the webinar and be able to listen to it later. Register here to listen to it the next day.


We’ve added another webinar “What the New Tax Law Means for Family Child Care” on Tuesday, January 9th at 8:30pm Eastern Time.

The first one scheduled for January 10th was immediately filled, so we are repeating the webinar to enable everyone who is interested to attend.

Providers can expect some major changes in their taxes starting in 2018. How should you prepare for these changes?

This webinar will cover:

• New 100% bonus depreciation rule will eliminate the need to depreciate most everything
• How the new pass-through deduction will reduce your federal income taxes
• Should providers incorporate to take advantage of lower corporate tax rates?
• With new tax brackets and changes in the standard deduction and exemptions, how will this affect paying estimated taxes?
• Do these new rules affect how providers can deduct their business expenses?

These are major changes that will benefit all providers!


Register for the January 9th webinar here.

Register by Noon Pacific Time on January 9th.

Participants can ask me questions during the webinars and will receive a copy of the power point and handouts after the webinar.

The webinar costs $25 if you are a member of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) and $40 if you are not. The cost is 100% tax deductible. They are recorded, so you can listen to it later if you can’t attend live. You can join NAFCC here.

Proof of attendance will be automatically emailed the day after the webinar. One clock hour of training credit is only given for the live webinar.

These webinars are part of a monthly webinar series I conduct in partnership with the National Association for Family Child Care.

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