An Introductory Video to Minute Menu Kids Pro

Minute Menu Kids Pro is the most comprehensive record keeping software designed specifically for family child care providers.

You can use it to enter your meals and snacks and file all of your Food Program monthly claim forms electronically. You can track children’s attendance parent payments, and payments from government subsidy programs.

The Accounting section allows you to calculate how much of your expenses you can deduct, track car mileage, bill parents, and send them receipts. You can even use Kids Pro to receive payments from parents through an electronic bank transfer.

Kids Pro contains over thirty reports you can give to your tax preparer or use them to file your own taxes. I am confident you will save a lot of money on your taxes if you use Kids Pro.

Because Kids Pro can do so much to save you time and money, some child care providers are intimidated and don’t know how to get started in using this software program.

I produced this short video to give you an introduction to the key features of Kids Pro. You can download Kids Pro and use it for free for thirty days and see how it will help you become better organized. Go to

Users of Kids Pro can also join The Child Care Business Partnership. Members receive individualized help from me to ensure you are taking advantage of all the record keeping and tax features of this program. For $15 a year you will receive instructional videos on how to take advantage of the Kids Pro features (15 so far), personalized help from me to make sure you are claiming all allowable business deductions, and extensive assistance if you are ever audited by the IRS.

If you join The Child Care Business Partnership before August 31, 2014, you will also be entered into a drawing to win a chance for me to review your 2013 tax return. If I determine you did not claim all the business expenses you were entitled to, I will show you how to file an amended tax return and get a refund! Here’s more information about this drawing.

Note: I helped design the Accounting section of Minute Menu Kids Pro.

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  1. Minute Menu Kids Pro needs to add a payroll module before I could consider using it. I have employees and prepare my payroll, including all state and federal tax deposits and forms (940, 941, W-2, W-3…) in house.

  2. I agree. Totally.

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