Answers to Questions About the Food Program

6a0133f3fc5805970b015435961771970c-250wiThere is no good reason not to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Do you want to win the lottery? If your husband got a raise, should you accept it? If the parents in your program wanted to pay you more, should you accept it?

In each of these situations your income will go up and your family will pay more in taxes. But, you will pay these higher taxes out of your increased income and have more money left over than before! That’s exactly what will happen when you join the Food Program!

If you serve breakfast, lunch and one snack a day you will receive either $564 a year (Tier II) or $1,172 a year (Tier I) per child (2014-15 rates). If you care for four children and work 3 hours a week doing record keeping, you are earning $14.46 per hour (Tier II) or $30.05 per hour (Tier I). What a deal!

Over the years I’ve heard family child care providers raise a lot of objections to the Food Program. In a previous article I reviewed the three most common objections. Here is a summary of the financial, record keeping and principled objections I’ve heard, and my answers.

Financial Objections

I’ll pay more in taxes if I participate in the Food Program.

True. But you will have more money in your pocket after paying the higher taxes.

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