Book Review: Saving for Retirement


Saving for Retirement (without living like a pauper or winning the lottery) is an excellent book to read if you are a family child care provider who needs an introductory guide to this topic.

The easy-to-understand book tells you:

* How to identify how much money you’ll need in retirement

* How to use a 401(k)

* How to choose the best IRA, and

* How to choose which mutual fund to invest in

The book supports what I’ve been saying for a long time: pick an Index Fund for your retirement investments because they will give you the best chance for your money to grow. This is because Index Funds have the lowest management fees.

Terrified of the stock market? This is the perfect book for anyone who is afraid of investing. The author gives you common sense, step-by-step help, no matter how old you are or where you stand financially right now.

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Money Management smallFor more information, see my book Family Child Care Money Management & Retirement Guide.

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