Can You Count the Hours You Spend at a Workshop on Child Development Sponsored by Your Local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency at Their Office in Your Time Percent?

Answer: No. You can’t count any hours in your Time percent if you are away from your home, even if you are conducting business activities. You could count the mileage to the workshop and the cost of the workshop as business expenses.

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  1. Could you please further elaborate as to why. The reasoning behind your answer. My viewpoint on this is simple I am working on continuing education to enhance my professional skills in the field of childcare, specially since a yearly minimum of training hours are required by my state.

    • Your time-space % is used to determine how much of your house expenses and other shared expenses you can deduct. When you are away from your home you are not using your home for your business and therefore you cannot count any of these hours as part of your time-space %. You can count the cost of such classes and the mileage. But, since you are not in your home, your time doesn’t count.

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