Is Insurance Deductible?

All family child care providers should have adequate insurance to protect themselves, their family and their business. Here’s a guide to help you understand which types of insurance policies are deductible as a business expense and which are not. Business… Read More ›

The Basics of Life Insurance

Although there are many risks you can avoid, you can’t avoid the risk of death. Life insurance is a way to help protect your family after you die. Life insurance is designed for the living, not the dead. The insured–that… Read More ›

Disability Income Insurance

What would happen if you became seriously ill or suffered a major injury? Maybe your medical bills would be covered, but how would you pay monthly bills (mortgage, rent, food, etc.)? We live in a world full of risk. There… Read More ›

What is a Business Plan?

Most family child care providers probably cringe at the thought of writing a business plan. Creating a business plan is probably pretty low on your list of favorite activities. It isn’t an exciting task, and may even seem quite intimidating,… Read More ›

The Cost of Dog Bites

Who pays when a dog bits a child in your family child care home? Your homeowners insurance policy will not pay because it excludes coverage for accidents arising out of your business. Your business liability insurance policy typically excludes coverage… Read More ›