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Top Articles on Incorporation

Here are the most important articles I’ve written on incorporation: Should You Incorporate Your Family Child Care Business? Should You Set Up a Limited Liability Company (LLC)? Should You Form an S or C Corporation? Should You Form a Family… Read More ›

“How Do I Pay Myself?”

This is a common question I hear from both new and experienced family child care providers. The answer depends. If you are set up as self-employed (sole proprietor) or a partnership In these situations, since you are not an employee,… Read More ›

Should You Incorporate Your Business?

For the vast majority of family child care providers the answer is “no”. However, I continue to hear from family child care providers that they have been advised by their tax professional or a lawyer to incorporate their business. Some… Read More ›

Las consecuencias de la incorporación

Hay cuatro maneras principales en cual un proveedor de cuidado infantil familiar puede operar su negocio: propietario único, asociación, compañía de responsabilidad limitada (LLC) o corporación. La gran mayoría de los proveedores se establecen como propietarios únicos (como dueño de… Read More ›