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Here are the most important articles I’ve written about insurance: Ten Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Business Liability Insurance Why Have Business Liability Insurance What to do When Children/Parents Damage Your Property? Does Your Homeowners’ Insurance Still Cover You? The… Read More ›

How Insurance Protects You in an Emergency

You can’t prevent natural disasters and some emergencies, but having the proper insurance can significantly reduce the costs associated with one. Insurance is a significant tool that helps protect family child care providers from natural disasters, accidents, vandalism, theft and… Read More ›

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

With the recent news of destructive weather across the country, it’s important for family child care providers to understand what they can do to protect themselves when a natural disaster strikes. Here’s a checklist that can help. 1) Prepare an… Read More ›

Is Your Vehicle Properly Insured?

Probably the biggest single risk you can take as a family child care provider is to get into a vehicle with day care children. One car accident has the potential to cause thousands of dollars of property damage, multiple injuries,… Read More ›