Top Articles on Marketing

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It’s Time to Invest in Yourself!

Family child care is the caring profession. As a family child care provider, you care for your own children, your spouse, and the children from other families. Think of all the many children you’ve cared for in the past and… Read More ›

How to Compete Against Child Care Centers

A new child care center just opened in your neighborhood. It offers care for a hundred children (toddlers through school-age) and has a well-equipped playground, a van to transport children, and sparkling classrooms with bright furniture and plenty of toys…. Read More ›

How to Compete Against Unregulated Caregivers

It’s not easy trying to attract new parents to enroll in your family child care program. You are competing against other family child care providers, child care centers, school-age programs, Head Start, and unregulated caregivers. When competing against unregulated caregivers,… Read More ›

How to Use Newsletters to Promote Your Program

Communicating with parents using a newsletter can be an effective way to promote your child care program. Your newsletter can contain lots of different kinds of information: weekly menus, children’s art work, learning activities, parenting tips, new policies, introduction of… Read More ›