Money Management

Save Your Money – Don’t Spend It!

I’ve been talking to family child care providers for many years about the importance of claiming all allowable deductions for your business. Doing so will reduce your taxes. But, does this mean you should spend more money just to increase… Read More ›

How to Reach Your Savings Goal

Most family child care providers understand that they are not saving enough money to meet short-term goals (new car, emergency fund, etc.) or long-term goals (retirement). The reasons for this are varied: don’t have the money to save because of… Read More ›

Teach Your Own Children to Save

Whenever you teach a child something, you also learn a lot about the subject yourself. So, one way to learn more about money and saving is to help your own children learn about money. The younger your children are, the… Read More ›

Setting Financial Goals for 2015

Family child care providers who set financial goals for their family are more likely to reach those goals than providers who don’t set goals. It’s common sense. It’s not too late to set financial goals for 2015. Sometimes the hardest… Read More ›