Depreciation and Home

How To Deduct a Fence

Here’s how to deduct a fence that a family child care provider puts up in her back yard. First: You can deduct a fence because it’s an “ordinary and necessary” business expense. You need to keep children safe or you… Read More ›

Get a Copy of Your Depreciation Schedule

Depreciation is the process of spreading the deduction of certain items you purchase for your business over a number of years. It’s a topic that few family child care providers fully understand. The reason is that depreciation rules are complicated:… Read More ›

Clarification of the $2,500 Rule

In a previous article (“Have You Bought Something for Less Than $2,500 This Year?”) I described a new IRS rule that allows family child care providers to deduct in one year items that cost less than $2,500. This rule significantly… Read More ›

When is a Home Improvement Now a Repair?

Family child care providers can now deduct many items as house repairs rather than home improvements, according to a recent IRS regulation (Treasury Regulation Section 1.263). The difference is significant. A repair can be deducted in one year while a… Read More ›