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Good News About Home Improvements

Have you remodeled your kitchen, bathroom, or downstairs playroom in your home? Added a deck or central air conditioning? Replaced a furnace? If so, there is good news! Several recent IRS rules may allow you to deduct these expenses in… Read More ›

Bonus Depreciation Rule Explained

What is bonus depreciation? It’s a rule that allows family child care providers to depreciate certain items faster, giving them bigger deductions in the first year they purchase items costing more than $2,500. Congress has passed various versions of this… Read More ›

How Do I Deduct a Deck?

It’s summer and time to enjoy your deck. If you repair an existing deck or build one that the children in your family child care use, you can deduct part of the cost as a business expense. If the new… Read More ›

How To Deduct a Fence

Here’s how to deduct a fence that a family child care provider puts up in her back yard. First: You can deduct a fence because it’s an “ordinary and necessary” business expense. You need to keep children safe or you… Read More ›