Parents & Taxes

Do You Accept Credit Cards from Parents?

Collecting payments from parents can sometimes be complicated. Some parents pay late, sometimes the parents want you to wait before depositing their check, or sometimes the check bounces. Collecting payments from parents who receive financial subsidies can be more problematic…. Read More ›

Do You Have a Bonus Coming?

Now is the time of the year for family child care providers to see if parents in their program can give them a bonus. This bonus does not cost the parents anything. How is this possible? Many employers offer a… Read More ›

Parents and Taxes

Should You Give Your Social Security Number to a Prospective Parent? – 11/30/14 Dependent Care Plans: Will You Get a Bonus This Year? – 10/20/14 Should You Give Parents a Receipt Every time They Pay? – 10/13/14 Who Should Get… Read More ›