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What To Do When the IRS is Wrong

IRS auditors can and do make mistakes. This can happen when they don’t understand the business of family child care. Last week a family child care provider from California called me about her IRS audit. Her auditor told her: “You… Read More ›

Lessons From a Current IRS Audit

If you don’t understand the unique tax issues affecting your family child care business, you may not get any help from your tax preparer and even the IRS! A family child care provider who is now being audited by the… Read More ›

Cathy Ross vs. IRS Commissioner

Cathy Ross, a family child care provider from Maryland, cared for children 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 51 weeks a year in her home. Her Time-Space Percentage was 98%. The original auditor would not accept any percentage… Read More ›