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Reaching Your Retirement Goals Quiz

Family child care providers, like most people, generally haven’t done a good job at saving money for their retirement. In a survey done for my book Family Child Care Money Management & Retirement Guide, 55% of child care providers had… Read More ›

How Do I Pay Social Security Taxes?

As a self-employed business, family child care providers must pay 15.3% Social Security/Medicare taxes on their business profit. The amount of this tax is calculated on IRS Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax.* Take the profit from your Schedule C, line 31,… Read More ›

How Money Grows Over Time

How can a family child care provider turn “small money” into “big money”? The secret is to start saving now – because when it comes to saving for retirement, time really is money. The reason for this is that the… Read More ›

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself!

Family child care is the caring profession. As a family child care provider, you care for your own children, your spouse, and the children from other families. Think of all the many children you’ve cared for in the past and… Read More ›