Time-Space Percentage

How to Measure Your Home

How much space you use in your family child care home for your business can make a big difference in how much you might owe in taxes. Measuring this space just became easier with the new IPhone app Roomscan Pro…. Read More ›

Lessons From a Current IRS Audit

If you don’t understand the unique tax issues affecting your family child care business, you may not get any help from your tax preparer and even the IRS! A family child care provider who is now being audited by the… Read More ›

Record Keeping Quiz

Here’s a short quiz to fresh up your record keeping skills: 1) If a day care child naps in one of your own child’s bedroom for thirty minutes a day, four times a week can you count this room as… Read More ›

How to Record Your Cleaning Hours

Family child care providers spend a lot of time cleaning their home. You clean each morning before the children arrive and clean each evening after the children leave. You probably also clean during some evenings and on most weekends. Keeping… Read More ›