Starting Your Business

Do You Do Child Care for Love or Money?

For most family child care providers the answer is “Both!” Family child care providers love children. It’s their number one motivating factor. But, earning money is also important. Unfortunately, in our society we undervalue the work of providers. Federal and… Read More ›

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself!

Family child care is the caring profession. As a family child care provider, you care for your own children, your spouse, and the children from other families. Think of all the many children you’ve cared for in the past and… Read More ›

What’s to Love About a Budget?

Do you love to create a budget? Probably not. In a national survey of over 500 family child care providers, only 23% had prepared an annual budget for their business for the previous year.* But, creating an annual budget is… Read More ›