Where Do Clinton and Trump Stand on Child Care Issues?


Child care issues are usually not part of the discussion in major political campaigns. This year could be different.

For years Democrats have pushed for a variety of legislative measures to address child care issues on the national and state level: paid parental leave, Earned Income Tax Credit, increased child care subsidies for low income families, higher minimum wage, etc.

For months Clinton has proposed a series of child care measures to help families and child care workers. Her website identifies theses priorities:

  • Increase child care investments so no family pays more than 10% of their income on child care
  • Increase the compensation of child care providers and provide equity with kindergarten teachers by investing in educational opportunities, career ladders, and professional salaries
  • Double our investment in Early Head Start the the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership program
  • 12 weeks of paid maternity leave (covers fathers)

Trump has recently added child care to his agenda. His website identifies these priorities:

  • Exclude child care costs from income tax (stay at home moms would qualify)
  • Boost the Earned Income Tax credit
  • Reduce child care regulations to allow parents to get tax credits for using friends and relatives
  • 6 weeks of paid maternity leave (does not cover fathers)

There are significant differences in the Clinton and Trump approach to child care. Trump focuses on reduce the tax burden on families while Clinton wants to make child care more affordable.

Trump’s plan would primarily benefit the wealthy. Low income families who pay little or no federal income tax would see a much smaller benefit.

Both campaigns have not spelled out in detail how they would pay for their plans.

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  1. Do you know where Johnson sits on child care issues?

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