Expect the Unexpected: Insurance Webinar, Saturday, November 18th

Expect the Unexpected: How to Use Insurance to Protect Yourself From Real Life Scenarios is the latest one-hour webinar I’ll be presenting on Saturday, November 18th at 11:00am Eastern Time.

It can happen: children get injured in family child care, parents sue their provider, your house and property can get damaged. This webinar will discuss how having the proper insurance can protect yourself and what can happen if you don’t. It will cover:

  • Real life examples of lawsuits and insurance claims that can devastate your business
  • How to make sure your personal insurance (home, car) still covers you. It may not.
  • What to look for when buying homeowners, car and business liability insurance
  • How to work with an insurance agent


Register for the webinar here.

Participants can ask me questions during the webinars and will receive a copy of the power point and handouts after the webinar.

The webinar costs $25 if you are a member of the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC) and $40 if you are not. The cost is 100% tax deductible. They are recorded, so you can listen to it later if you can’t attend live. You can join NAFCC here.

These webinars are part of a monthly webinar series I conduct in partnership with the National Association for Family Child Care.

To see an overview of all the webinars, go here.

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Legal & InsuranceFor more information on all types of insurance for your business, see my book Family Child Care Legal & Insurance Guide.


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