Family Child Care Inventory-Keeper


Family Child Care Inventory-Keeper

This easy-to-use log enables you to track furniture, appliances, and other property you use in your business. Once identified, these items can be depreciated as a business expense and stored with photographs for insurance purposes. By filling out the Inventory-Keeper you will have all the information needed to claim depreciation deductions for such items as a washer, dryer, computer, television, DVD player, refrigerator, stove, freezer, bed, sofa, lawn mower, microwave, swing set, and so on.

You can use the Inventory-Keeper to claim depreciation deductions for furniture and appliances that you purchased years before your business began, as well as for items you bought after your business began. The Inventory-Keeper can help you identify many deductions that you may have otherwise missed.

1999, Softbound, 64 pages. $12.95

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Redleaf Press: 800-423-8309

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