Family Child Care Marketing Guide


Family Child Care Marketing Guide, Second Edition

This book will teach you the basics of marketing and help you maximize enrollment and income for your business. With dozens of tips and inexpensive ways to promote your family child care business, you will learn how to market your high-quality program so parents will want to purchase your services. This book is for the new as well as the experienced professional.

The second edition contains 25% more material than the first edition, including a new chapter on Internet Marketing (Facebook, Craigslist, Google Places, YouTube, child care forums, and much more).

You will find information on:

* How to set your rates and discuss them with parents – and why a lower rate may not be the best way to compete

* How to increase your program’s visibility by working with resource and referral agencies, food programs, associations, licensers, and other organizations

* How and where to advertise, how to create a flyer listing your benefits, and how to compete with large centers

You will also find many checklists and forms, including a parent interview checklist, a weekly rate calculation sheet, an annual marketing calender, a “Choosing Child Care Checklist” for parents, and more.

“I just finished reading your book Family Child Care Marketing Guide, second Edition.  I have always wanted to open my business and stay home and raise my kids.  It’s been really scary to quite the corporate world and lose the regularly income.  After reading your book, I feel strong and confident.  I feel like I can make this dream a reality.  Thank you for all the helpful info and tips.” – Wahnue Washington, Great Beginnings Family Care

“A more complete guide on marketing than I ever imagined possible! There is definitely something for everyone in this wonderful collection of ideas and helpful hints.” – Lynn Manfredi/Petitt, provider, trainer, and author of Circle of Love: Relationships Between Parents, Providers, and Children in Family Child Care.

“A terrific resource! You can always count on Tom Copeland to offer expert advice with an eye to detail. This book is a tool you can use for years and years.” – Warren and Sue Schmidt, Monday Morning America, Inc.

2012, Softbound, 135 pages. $18.95

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Marketing Curriculum I have written the Family Child Care Business Curriculum: Marketing to help trainers teach this topic.




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