Family Child Care Money Management & Retirement Guide


Family Child Care Money Management & Retirement Guide

There are a multitude of financial decisions that must be made when running a family child care business. This resource offers valuable advice—whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned child care provider—to learn how to worry less about monetary details so that you can keep your focus on the children.

You will find information on ways to reduce your expenses, earn more money, and pay off your debt; how to handle special financial situations such as applying for a loan or grant; what you need to know about the basic principles of retirement planning; the five fundamental rules of investing and how to balance and diversify your investment portfolio; and information on the rules and benefits of the six major individual retirement account (IRA) plans.

Gain more financial control over your life and enjoy spending more time with the people who matter most to you.

“As he has always done when writing about tax law, Tom has gone far beyond just a general overview on money management. You will find some really great ideas on tax-deductible pension plans and even on the inner workings of different kinds of investments ? you may even hear a WOW or two when you ask your tax/financial advisor whether they are right for you. We think the book can help make your money work as hard for you as you had to work to earn it!”
Thomas C Jemison,
Enrolled Agent, Certified Financial Planner

2009, Softbound, 193 pages. $17.95

Available from:

Redleaf Press: 800-423-8309


Money Management small I have written the book Family Child Care Business Curriculum: Money Management & Retirement to help trainers teach this topic.



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