Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide Now an E-Book!

6a0133f3fc5805970b01b7c6dc2a89970b-320wi“What is the most important book I should read to help me succeed as a business?”

When I get this question at my workshops I always answer – the Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide by Tom Copeland!

It’s the most popular book I’ve written and now it’s available as an e-book.

This book covers everything you need to know to keep accurate business records. It includes more than 1,000 allowable business deductions and contains updated information from the second edition of the IRS Child Care Provider Audit Techniques Guide.

The Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide covers how to calculate your Time-Space percentage, how to claim food expenses, how to work with a tax professional, how to handle an IRS audit, and much more. The book will help you save time and money on your taxes.

The ninth edition is published as a paperback by Redleaf Press and is now available through iActiveLearning as an e-book. You can see the table of contents, and sample pages at iActiveLearning. The paperback version costs $17.95 and the e-book version costs $13.95.

You can also purchase the book as a paperback through Amazon, and the National Association for Family Child Care.

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  1. Tom, I purchased the 7th edition of the record keeping guide a few years ago, does the 8th edition have many changes?

  2. The eight edition contains many quotes from the IRS Child Care Audit Guide published in 2009 that clarifies a number of record keeping issues. The new edition also contains updated numbers on mileage, food deductions, and updated information on depreciation and several other areas. I’d guess that the changes represent about 10% of the book.

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