Free Business Videos Featuring Tom Copeland


A new series of free videos on the business of family child care featuring Tom Copeland are now available through the Professional Development Program of Rockefeller College, University of Albany, New York.

The videos are very brief and cover these topics:

Record keeping is your friend

Why don’t parents treat me like a business?

Why providers need to take care of their business as well the children

Why it’s important to keep accurate records

What is an ordinary and necessary business expense?

Why providers are afraid of taxes

There are some additional business videos that I am not in:

The importance of having business liability insurance

The benefits of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (Note: the video mistakenly says that the reimbursements from the Food Program are “tax-free.” Not so. See this article.)

Why don’t providers have insurance?

Why insurance gives you peace of mind

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