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Want to know more about record keeping, marketing or contracts?

Now you can take three self-paced online business classes by Tom Copeland on these topics.

The classes are available for free through the Tennessee Child Care Online Training System. They are approved for basic licensing and/or the report card training hours for Tennessee family child care providers. Providers outside of Tennessee cannot take them for training hours credit.

You can start the class at any time and pause and come back to it later. Each class includes handouts and several video clips of me. Here’s one clip where I talk about depreciation.

The Record Keeping class contains a few references to Tennessee rules, but otherwise the classes are helpful no matter what state you live in. Other classes that are available include: Brain Development, Promoting Social and Emotional Development, Inclusion, and Before You Begin: New School-Age Caregivers.

The Tennessee Child Care Online Training System is funded by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, through contracts with Tennessee State University, Signals Center, and the Integrated Solutions Group, Inc.

Note: I’ve written a series of five online business classes for the North Dakota Child Care Resource and Referral Network. The classes are on Record Keeping, Contracts, Marketing, Legal/Insurance, and Money Management. They are also free.

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7 replies

  1. Tom, can you tell me how to access the free classes from Tennessee. Their website requires registration and to choose which Tennessee county you are from. I in MN and dont want credit, just info. Thanks

  2. I believe that if you enter any county you can take the class without credit.

  3. I would like to have a certificate how can we do this?

  4. If you live outside of Tennessee they won’t issue you a certificate. Contact your local licensor to see if there is a way for them to recognize you taking these classes.

  5. Hello Tom,

    I would be very interested in sources available online in hiring staff. Craigs List and Indeed are limited based on my recent experience. I’m also interested in marketing my business beyond website and google adwords. These above mentioned have been a great asset to my business success. Wondering if their are other resources I am not aware of at this time. In addition, is investment strategies. I am a conservative investor by nature.

    I also want to thank you very much for your information regarding insurance. In reviewing the resources you provided I was able to purchase less expensive insurance with greater and more secure benefits! I very much appreciate the resources you continue to provide on an ongoing basis!

    Thank you!

    Nichole Ramoy

  6. Illinois would be interested in knowing if we might get permission for your free online classes such as TN has. I work for the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Registry and approve trainings for credit. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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