Handouts for Food Program Sponsors

All family child care providers are financially better off if they join the Food Program. These handouts are for Food Program Sponsors and other organizations that work with family child care providers. Some of them are designed to be distributed to providers to help convince them to join a Food Program. Others are designed to be used internally by Food Program Sponsors to train their staff on how to convince providers to join the Food Program. These handouts are based on the 2015-2016 Food Program reimbursement rates.

Legal Aspects of Sponsoring the CACFP – Power point presentation at CACFP Sponsors Association Conference September 15, 2013

After Tax Impact of Food Program Participation

Common Objections to the Food Program

What Can You Say to Convince a Provider to Join the Food Program?

Family Child Care Household Income Eligibility Worksheet

Family Child Care Net Income Worksheet

Food Program Recruitment Strategies

Helping Providers Stay in Business

How to Read a Family Child Care Provider’s IRS Tax Forms

Is It Worthwhile to Claim a 20-Cent Snack?

The Tax Consequences of Child and Adult Care Food Program Participation

Why Should I Stay on the Food Program?

Documentation Is Your Friend – This article (written for the CACFP Sponsors Association conference in 2011) offers ideas for how Sponsors can maintain proper records so that their actions will be upheld upon administrative review. It is based on my experiences as an appeals office for Sponsors in several states.

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