The handouts posted here may be used by any organization or individual under the following terms: The handouts may not be sold. They may be used in training workshops or in newsletters. The handouts must be used in their entirety, including the credit lines at the bottom of each handout.

See special selection of Spanish handouts and power points.

Handouts for Food Program sponsors: These handouts are for Food Program Sponsors and other organizations that work with family child care providers. Some of them are designed to be distributed to providers to help convince them to join a Food Program. Others are designed to be used internally by Food Program Sponsors to train their staff on how to convince providers to join the Food Program. These handouts are based on the 2016-2017 Food Program reimbursement rates.


Starting Your Business

The Business Side of Kith and Kin

Developing a Business Start-Up Plan

The Real Benefits of Keeping Good Records

Seven Record Keeping and Tax Tips for the New Provider

The Tax Benefits of Becoming a Regulated Family Child Care Provider


Mastering Record Keeping & Taxes

2016 Tax Changes Affecting Family Child Care Providers

The Basics of Record Keeping – Pretest

The Basics of Record Keeping

California Employment Law

Claiming Car Expenses

Common Family Child Care Business Deductions

Depreciation Methods for 2016

Exclusive Use Rooms and the Time-Space Percentage

Help in Valuing Your Property

Hiring Family Members

How and When Should You Depreciate an Item

IRS Tax Forms and Publications

Making Sense of the New Depreciation Rules for 2016

Reporting Food Program Reimbursements and Claiming Food Expenses

Requirements for Hiring an Employee

The Time-Space Percentage


Contracts and Policies

Coming to Terms How to Effectively Use Contracts and Policies with Parents Pretest-Posttest

Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up

Ending the Parent Relationship

Enforcing Agreements

Four Key Tips on Contracts and Policies  

Holding Fees

How to Establish a Business Relationship with Parents

Parent Interview Tips 

Policy on Parents Transporting Their Children

Sample Contract Termination Language


Family Child Care Marketing in Financial Hard Times

Successful Strategies to Market Your Business Pretest/posttest

Using the Internet to Market Your Business pretest

Benefits and Features in Family Child Care

How to Compete Against Child Care Centers

How to Compete Against Unregulated Caregivers

How to Set Your Rates

Key Marketing Strategies

Marketing on the Internet

Parent Call Tracking Form


Legal and Insurance Issues

Legal and Insurance Issues – Pretest/Posttest

Americans With Disabilities Act

The Consequences of Incorporating

Custody Disputes

How to Prepare for an Investigation

Insurance for Family Child Care Providers

Managing the Major Risks in Family Child Care Through Insurance

Privacy/Confidentiality Policy

Protecting Yourself From False Accusations

The Real Risks in Family Child Care

Reducing the Risks of Running a Business

Three Key Legal and Insurance Tips

When Is It Safe To Talk About Child Care Rates

You’re Being Investigated… Now What


Money Management and Retirement Planning

The Basic Principles of Retirement Planning

Car Replacement Fund

The Five Rules of Investing

How Much Will I Have?

How Much Should I Save for Retirement

Learning New Habits about Spending

Money Management Pretest

IRA Rules for 2017

Set Your Financial Goals

Short Term Savings Options

Saver’s Credit

Track Your Monthly Expenses

Where Should I Invest My Money for Retirement?

Where to Get a Loan


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  1. Hi Tom
    I just took one of your webinars and you suggested that I have a transportation policy. I am a family childcare provider. Do you provide an example of one anywhere on your sites? I would appreciate if you could direct me where to find it.
    Thank you

  2. Tom ,
    I just took one of your webinars and enjoyed it ! We are from Canada , and want to know if we have a legal obligation to report when a child is brought to the Center and the patent is impaired ! They were not driving , using transit ?

  3. This looks like a great tool for my new daycare Thanks

  4. I am planning on opening a family child care program in 2017 and have been purchasing toys, materials,etc in the past few months (2016) in preparation for this. In the meantime,I am also an early childhood consultant (self employed) and travel to other providers homes, loaning them materials, offering support, etc and teach workshops about FCC topics as well. Can I deduct my expenses, both materials and travel, all together or do I need to separate the expenses that are specifically for my consulting work from the materials that will eventually be used in my own child care program, since it is all self employment income? The lines seem blurred because I use some of these materials in my consulting work now and have not begun caring for children yet myself. Thank you!

    • I would treat this as one business and report income and expenses on one Schedule C. For items you purchase in 2016 that you won’t use until 2017, deduct them in 2017.

  5. Hi Tom!
    I had a question, in my situation I am starting my child care business. I do not live in the home I will be doing childcare in. It will be my grandmothers home with her permission. How should I go about setting up my business for the most effective way for tax benefits?

  6. Hey Tom!! I have so enjoyed reading all of ur information! I own a small center (20 children) in rural south Mississippi. Do u also write information for centers?

  7. Hi Tom, Do you have any forms to assist providers with a self assessment? It is one of the requirements of the childcare QRIS in our state. Thank you.

  8. Hi, I have purchased some of your books and have found them to be very helpful. I’ve been doing taxes for my childcare business for the past 4 years. This past year we moved to a new residence and I was not providing childcare for 4 months out of the year during our move. I have no idea how to handle my taxes this year since all calculations are based on the house and I’ve worked out of 2 homes plus had the time in between. Do you have any books or information on this subject because I am lost and I know my tax preparer will be too!! Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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