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Which of the following activities can you count towards your Time-Space Percentage calculation?*

a) Cleaning gutters on the weekends

b) Washing the kitchen floor before the children arrive in the morning

c) Reading this website while children are sleeping

d) Mowing the lawn on Sunday

e) Your husband cleans children’s fingerprints off windows, sliding doors and other glass surfaces on Saturday

f) Revising your contract and policies Monday night

g) Shopping at a toy store on Friday evening (and you don’t have children of your own at home)

h) Cleaning toys after the children leave

i) Planning children’s activities on a day you are closed

j) Tracking how many hours you worked for the week on Sunday

See the answers here.

As a general rule you can count all hours children are present in your home. And you can count all hours children spent on business activities when children are not present in your home.

You can’t count time spent on activities you would still be doing even if you weren’t in business. That’s why you can’t count hours mowing your lawn.

You can’t count time twice: If children are in your home you can count time spent cleaning or record keeping.

You don’t have to be the one doing the work. Your husband or own children can do work associated with your business.

You must be in your home to count time. Time spent shopping or attending training workshops don’t count because you aren’t using your home at those times.

For a detailed list of activities you can count, see my article, “What Hours Can You Count?”

* For purposes of this quiz I am assuming you are working Monday-Friday from 6am to 6pm.

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Record Keeping smallFor a detailed discussion of the Time-Space Percentage, see my book Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide.

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