How to Promote Your Program at a Town Fair


Here are some inexpensive ideas on how to promote your program at your local town fair, parade or other community event.

*Play children’s music and offer cheap, easy games (bean bag toss game into buckets)

* Make homemade play dough, put it in plastic bags and give them away with your business cards

* Buy tiny bottles of bubbles and hand them out in a baggie

* Set up a table with crayons and coloring paper or Legos

* Oriental Trading has cheap carnival games (72 small coloring books for $10; 48 boxes with 5 crayons for $9, etc.)

* Put into a baggie a graham cracker, marshmallow, and miniature Hershey bar. Attach a note that says, “We’re looking for S’more kiddos!”

* Buy a bubble machine for under $30 at Amazon.

Make up some parent packets to hand out that include your contract, parent handbook, calendar, list of benefits, rate sheet, etc. Have a clipboard with a short form parents can fill out and leave their name, address, phone number and email if they want more information.

Bring along plenty of business cards to pass out (get them for free from Vistaprint.

The above ideas came from the forum where family child care providers can chat and offer helpful suggestions to each other.

What ideas have you used to promote your program at local community events?

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  1. Great article Tom! Promotional products are also a good idea… freebies or swag etc are the most cost effective advertising medium on the planet creating a lasting awareness and a memorable experience.

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