How to Schedule a Tom Copeland Training

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Schedule a Training/Webinar

To schedule a training in Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa contact me directly at; 651-280-5991.

To schedule a training in any other state or to set up a webinar, contact Nicole Hopkinson at the National Association for Family Child Care: Nicole Hopkinson –; 801-886-2322 (ext. 2323).

My trainings and webinars are sponsored at the local level by a variety of organizations: Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies, family child care associations, community colleges, economic development centers, family child care coordinators on military bases, and other groups. Anyone can sponsor my trainings! If you are a family child care provider who wants me to conduct a training in your area, contact one of the above groups about inviting me to appear.

To see if my workshops qualify for in-service hours in your area, contact your local child care licensor or Child Care Resource and Referral Agency.


Training Fees

Provider Training

Weekday fees: (Monday – Thursday) $200 per hour. There is a three hour minimum (if you want me to speak for less than three hours you must still pay me for three hours).

Weekend fees: (Friday – Sunday) $225 per hour. There is a four hour minimum (if you want me to speak for less than four hours you must still pay me for four hours).

In addition: sponsors of trainings must pay travel costs (plane, car mileage, hotel, car rental, taxis) and a per diem for meals (about $46 a day, depending on your town).

Note: Fees for training child care center staff will vary. Contact Tom Copeland directly;; 651-280-5991.

Fees for Webinars, Train-the-Trainer  Training, Keynotes, and other customized trainings vary. Contact me or Kelsey Mostert-Lambert for details.

You can save money on travel costs by sharing a plane ticket with another group who is sponsoring another training by me in your part of the country. Contact me or NAFCC for more details. You can also decrease expenses by providing local transportation.

Either NAFCC or I will bill sponsoring organizations for the training and will expect payment within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

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  1. Do you have any scheduled training or conferences coming up about business organization?? I am a home daycare provider and attended one of your conferences years ago and am interested in attending one again.

    Thank You,
    Eileen L.

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