How to Use Newsletters to Promote Your Program

6a0133f3fc5805970b01bb07a6f997970d-200wiCommunicating with parents using a newsletter can be an effective way to promote your child care program.

Your newsletter can contain lots of different kinds of information: weekly menus, children’s art work, learning activities, parenting tips, new policies, introduction of new children and farewells to those moving on, upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, payment reminders, upcoming activities and special events, etc.

You can produce your newsletter on a computer using a variety of typestyles and scanned-in photos. You can find free newsletter templates and helpful links at

Don’t worry about trying to produce a fancy newsletter. The most important thing is for your newsletter to look clean and interesting and be readable.

Many providers produce their newsletter once a month, but you can decide whether you want to send one out more or less often. Pick a schedule that is comfortable for you.

It might be a good idea to send your newsletter quarterly at first and then switch to monthly as you can, rather than starting with an ambitious schedule and failing to meet your own deadlines.

Send your newsletter to all current and past clients, parents who called or visited your program but did not enroll their child, any parents on your waiting list, and your friends. Everyone who receives your newsletter can help you promote your business through good word of mouth.

To save money and use less paper, you can distribute your newsletter through e-mail as a PDF document. You can find simple instructions on how to create a PDF file at:

Several commercial parent newsletters are available for providers. They include a variety of activities parents can do with their children. You can pass on copies of these monthly newsletters to your clients or use some of the articles in your own newsletter.

Two such newsletters are Parent Pages Newsletter ( and Growing Together (

Here are some links to several family child care newsletters:

How to Write a Newsletter for Your Child Care

Footsteps in Growing Daycare

How do you use parent newsletters?

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