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6a0133f3fc5805970b0154342b8fb1970c-320wiHere’s a quick five-question insurance quiz for family child care providers. Click on the link to learn the answers.

1) If you transport the child care children on a regular basis in your car, your personal car insurance policy will cover you if there is an accident. True or False?

2) If a parent of a child in your program slips and falls on the front steps to your home, your homeowners insurance policy will probably cover you. True or False?

3) If you don’t have business liability insurance, a parent cannot win a legal judgment against you in court for an accident suffered by her child in your program. True or False?

4) If there is a fire or tornado that destroys your furniture, appliances, and home furnishings that you owned before you went into business, your homeowners insurance policy will probably only cover you for a few thousand dollars of damage. True or False?

5) If you follow safe business practices and purchase a lot of business liability insurance, you won’t be sued by an angry parent. True or False?

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  1. My Allstate agent says that as long as I don’t charge for transportation, I am good. I take the childcare kids with me when I take my own kids to school.

  2. I always recommend that providers get such assurances in writing to make sure you are covered.

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