Is it Illegal to Discriminate Against Parents?

6a0133f3fc5805970b0154347fb584970c-120wi“Is it okay to have different rules for different parents in my family child care program?” It’s a question I often get asked at my workshops. The answer is, “It depends.”

Test your knowledge on this subject:

1) “Can I tell a parent I don’t want to care for her child because the parent is rude to me?”

2) “Can I give one parent a discount on my rates, but not the other parents?”

3) “Can I require the newest parent to my program to pick up her child at 5pm when all other parents pick up their children at 6pm?”

For the answers, read more about when a provider can discriminate.

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  1. I have several toddlers joining my program soon. I have 2 spots becoming available in several weeks and would prefer 3+ year olds. In addition, I’d like my program more diverse gender and race/ethnic wise. Am I discriminating against families who do not meet these criteria that I’ve waitlisted because I am holding out (not too much longer though) for specific families? I dont think so as my decision is based around bringing about a balanced and diverse program which my families would benefit from. So maybe you have more boys or more girls or more toddlers or older children etc and would rather a more mixed group. When communicating with parents, diplomacy is important as you dont want to appear that you are discriminating but instead that you are trying to bring about a wholesome program.

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