Join the Food Program and Get Paid to Serve Nutritious Food!

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a wonderful nutritional program that also offers a significant financial benefit to family child care providers.

Unfortunately, some providers don’t join the CACFP. Here are some common objections:

  • “It’s too much paperwork!”
  • “I am on Tier II and Food Program reimbursements do not cover the cost of my food”
  • “It’s not worth it to claim a 20 cent snack”
  • “I will lose my food deductions if I join the Food Program so I will be worse off financially”

To respond to these objections, I worked with Providers Choice, a CACFP sponsor in Minnesota, to develop a short power point presentation to explain why these objections don’t make sense.

Here’s a recorded narration to the power point.

The above recorded narration to the Minnesota version of the power point lists the names and contact information of local Food Program sponsors.

I also posted a national version of the power point here so local CACFP sponsors, Child Care Resource and Referral agencies, and family child care associations can use it before a live audience or post it on their own website. There is a slide at the end where local organizations can list the names of local CACFP sponsors.

I’ve also recorded a national version of this power point here.

I encourage everyone to use this power point presentation however they want.

Too many providers are not joining the CACFP without understanding it’s substantial nutritional and financial benefits.

Here are other articles I’ve written about the CACFP:

“Is the Food Program Worth It?”

“The Three Most Common Objections to the Food Program”

“Will Your Food Deductions Be Lower After Joining the Food Program?”

I’ve also created a series of handouts for CACFP sponsors for them to use in explaining the financial benefits of the food program.

Funding for this power point was provided by the Cargill Foundation.

Tom Copeland –

For more information about how to claim CACFP income and deduct food expenses, see my book Family Child Care Record Keeping Guide.

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