Key IRS Tax Forms and Publications for Family Child Care Providers


I’ve posted all the key IRS tax forms and publications that you may need to complete your tax return at the top of my website.

They include:

Schedule C – Where you report all your income and your business expenses

Form 8829 – Where you calculate your time-space percentage and claim house expenses (property tax, mortgage interest, utilities, house insurance, house repairs and home depreciation). Transfer these expenses to Schedule C.

Form 4562 – Where you claim depreciation on office equipment, furniture, appliances, play equipments, home improvements, fence, etc.. Transfer these expenses to Schedule C.

Form W-10 – The form to use when giving parents your identification number at the end of the year.

Form 3115 – Where you can recapture previously unclaimed depreciation from earlier years when you didn’t depreciate items.

Form 1040 ES Estimated Tax – Where you report estimated tax payments each quarter of the year.

This section also includes the key IRS publications that you may need to help you fill out these tax forms.

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