KidKare (Formerly Minute Menu) is Now Available!


KidKare (formerly known as Minute Menu) is now available to all family child care providers!

This premier family child care record keeping software has been upgraded so it is accessible through any internet connection: Mac, any modern mobile phone or tablet, laptop, and Kindle Fire.

This comes as good news for the many Mac users (myself included).

This online software program is most commonly used by child care providers to complete their Food Program paperwork and electronically submit claims to their participating Food Program sponsor. KidKare contains built-in CACFP approved meals, ingredients, pre-planned menus, as well as easy-to-track meal counts and attendance records.

Accounting Features

KikKare also contains the most comprehensive record keeping program designed specifically for family child care providers. It tracks parent payments, prints invoices, calculates your Time-Space percentage, and tracks all business expenses.

The program is updated each year with current mileage and meal allowance rates, and it organizes business expenses into categories that match IRS tax forms. Its fifteen printable reports make it easy for you or your tax professional to fill out your tax forms.

If you have not seen Minute Menu/KidKare before, you owe it to yourself to see how it can save you a lot of time and money!

Here is a short video that introduces you to the accounting features of KidKare:


The cost of KidKare is $8 a month. You can use it for 30 days for free to examine all its features. Go here to start your trial period.

For more information go to Visit them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter.

Current Users of Minute Menu

If you are currently using the Accounting section of Minute Menu through your Food Program sponsor, or have purchased Minute Menu on your own, you will see a screen that will tell you how to import your data onto KidKare. It will take 1-2 minutes to upload your 2016 and 2015 data. Nothing will be lost! Your data before 2015 will be still be accessible, but in read only mode.

After your data is imported into KidKare you will be asked to enter your credit card information. Your credit card will only be charged after your current annual subscription has expired. You will be notified when your subscription is about to expire. You can cancel the $8 monthly fee at any time.

If you are currently using Minute Menu through your Food Program sponsor but your sponsor has not transitioned over to KidKare, you won’t be able to access KidKare until your sponsor does the transition or you purchase KidKare separately. Contact your sponsor about transitioning to KidKare as soon as they can so you can access the new KidKare!


  • If you currently use Minute Menu and are not connected to Minute Menu through a Food Program sponsor, you won’t be able to transition to KidKare until Monday or Tuesday (December 5th or 6th).
  • If your Food Program sponsor currently pays for you to use Minute Menu Kid Pro you won’t have to pay for the upgrade to KidKare.
  • You don’t have to be on a Food Program to be able to use KidKare!
  • If you just subscribed to Minute Menu Kids Pro before the transition to KidKare, your annual subscription will continue and you won’t have to pay for KidKare until your subscription runs out.

The Child Care Business Partnership

Users of KidKare can get help to take full advantage of the Accounting section by joining The Child Care Business Partnership.

For $15 a year I will provide the following services:

1) Free review of your tax return –
Tom can review your current or last year’s tax return to see if you made any errors. He can spot missing deductions and let you know if they were prepared properly. Make sure you pay no more in taxes than you owe!

2) Personal Record Keeping Help – Tom can review your KidKare reports at any time and show you how to effectively use the software so you can save time and money.

3) IRS Audit Assistance – Tom will offer you extensive assistance if you are audited by the IRS or your state to help reduce your stress and save you money.

4) Personalized Business Advice – Tom will answer your questions about all aspects of your business (taxes, contracts, marketing, legal, insurance, money management and retirement) so you can be more successful and spend more time with children and your family.

Members of the Partnership will be able to view a series of instructional videos on how to more effectively use the Accounting section of KidKare. See more details on how The Child Care Business Partnership can help you save time and money.

All for only a $15 annual fee! And it’s 100% tax deductible!

Money back guarantee: If you join The Child Care Business Partnership and don’t save at least $15 on your taxes I will give you your money back!

It’s the best business investment you can make for $15.

Join Now!


Tom Copeland –

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  1. I am still unable to connect to kidkare when I log on it says bad request. I am not on the food program but do use minute menu pro. Thank you

    • You’ll need to wait a few more days until KidKare announces it’s up for providers who don’t use it through a Food Program. Watch my website for this announcement.

  2. This makes me so sad. This also makes me crabby. I think $8 a month is excessive. You are always giving tips on how to save money and advice about ways to make our dollar stretch. This feels like we are getting taken advantage of. 🙁

  3. I struggle with Anxiety issues. We have several childcare providers in West Des Moines having various issues with the accounting features in KidKare. While I personally am enjoying KidKare and think it runs smoother than Minutemenu in most areas, I cancelled my subscription because I don’t have the time to worry about whether or not parent’s payments are going through, neither do my families. I am hoping that in a year or less all the bugs will be worked out and maybe I will reconsider my subscription. Price is not an issue, but it has to work. I don’t mind paying $15/month(which is what I pay now with my new accounting program), if all the features work properly($8 is still very low).

    On another note, I almost dropped CACFP altogether when I was called literally the day before Thanksgiving and being told to start KidKare in December. That is an accounting nightmare!!! Then trying to login on Dec1st only to be told pro was not enabled, as we were told it was ready. The most frustrating thing to do to someone over the holidays. I chose to stay on MinuteMenu for as long as I could and thankfully everything transferred to KidKare, So glad I did not need to manually re-enter everything for my December Submission. This job is hard enough as is and I am so frustrated. I’m still considering dropping the Food Program. The last year has been extremely discouraging.

    • Thanks for your comments. Yes, there have been some problems with the transfer of data from Minute Menu to KidKare and with parent payments. KidKare has been working hard to fix all of these bugs and it looks like they are on top of this.
      I can understand the anxiety associated with the transfer in December and am glad to hear it went well.
      I would strongly urge you not to drop the Food Program because of the significant nutritional and financial benefits the program offers!

  4. I just recently started to look into switching over to KidKare from Minute Menu Pro. I have questions that I have submitted for follow up. questions and concerns that have not been answered as yet. My biggest concern is with the billing and e-pay. With Minute Menu I pay the $1.00 per transaction charge with ChildCarePay and no additional charges. after reading info on the help site with regards to Bill & Pay – there is a $1.00 fee for each transaction with an additional 3.5% charge of the total amount invoiced. I’m not comfortable with either my clients having to fork out extra money or myself to use this feature.
    Is there an option to continue using ChildCarePay for e-payment of services?
    Thank you

    • You can always contact your bank about doing electronic payments with your parents. I don’t know what the fees would be charged by your bank. I don’t know if there is a way to use ChildCarePay outside of KidKare. You could contact them directly to see if that’s possible.

  5. Thank you Tom,
    Would you happen to know if the 3.5% charge also goes for transactions that are paid through debits on checking accounts?
    Thank you

  6. I do not know. It depends on each bank.

  7. a Time Space question. how do I enter monthly average “other hours” in the new system like I used to in the old system?

  8. My patience is quickly running out. I do not use this program for my food program but use it strictly for accounting purposes. It is a complete and total nightmare and definitely not an upgrade from Minute Menu.
    I can not even calculate the endless wasted hours I have spent. They keep promising they are working on the issues but I am not seeing many updates at all. When I called them I was told this was primarily a program to be used with the CACFP and not meant to be used strictly for accounting. Great now what do I do since apparently I was misinformed to begin with. Also they told me that Minute Menu will not longer be available for use in the near future. (No upgrades available) I have always been a huge fan of the programs represented by Tom Copeland but for the first time I am questioning. What options do we have, if any?

    • I understand your frustration. KidKare people have done a poor job of rolling out their program. I don’t know why you were told KidKare is not meant to be used strictly for accounting. That’s news to me and not what they have told me. It’s true that Minute Menu is being phased out by the end of the year and KidKare will take its place. I am also disappointed in their slowness in making KidKare equal or better than Minute Menu. There are other software programs that doing accounting for family child care, but all of them are inferior to KidKare. Here’s an old article I wrote about some of these other programs:

  9. I echo what Deborah said. This has been a very frustrating experience moving over to KidKare. I use this for both CACFP and accounting records. I’m definitely regretting making the move. First of all, their customer service is very poor. I submitted questions through their “ticket” system and never received a reply (one ticket was sent over a week ago and still no reply). I finally had to call Minute Menu, be on hold for 7-10 minutes before I reached someone. This has happened on 3 different issues.

    First of all, it took FIVE days for epay to be approved. On their website it says up to 24 hours. On the phone, they told me up to 3 days. It took 5! Ridiculous and inconsistent in what they’re telling providers! My paycheck got pushed back by almost a week because parents were unable to pay (of course they could have brought a check and some did…but it’s the principle.)

    Secondly, in MinuteMenu, the $1 charge for transactions was automatically put into our expenses. Currently, there is absolutely no record for what money they are taking out. It doesn’t show up in the transaction report “Epay Settlements” as I was initially told by a gentleman the first time I called. It doesn’t show up in expenses. No where. No receipt. The second gentleman I talked to on the phone told me to just count up how many transactions were there and multiply that by the fee amount and then add that into my expense records manually. Again, this is a principle issue. You are taking my money but not showing record of it. Not cool.

    Thirdly, I miss the app. Yes, this website is mobile friendly but it just isn’t the same as the ease of using the minute menu app.

    I feel like this was promoted as “better” and I have yet to see a single feature that makes me think “Wow, that’s better than Minute Menu”. I take that back, being able to split a single invoice between two paying parties has been a nice feature. So one feature has been a positive.

  10. I finally through in the towel. I went back to minute menu. I know that eventually that will not be an option but for now I do not need the added stress. BTW it took me less than 6 hrs work to put 2 full months of information used in kidkare back into minute menu. That’s 6 hrs to input what it took me weeks and weeks to put into kidkare.

  11. How can you JUST call someone and TALK to them? I am so frustrated! I need help! I loved Minute Menu. I have no idea why and how kidkare is suppose to be better.

    • You are right to be frustrated. If you send me your question via email to I will forward it to a contact person I have with KidKare.

    • i agree… i hate that i switched to kidkare… no one will call me back to help fix these issues and yet i am to be conducting a business and do not have extra time to be imputting information that was already there in minute menu… if i can get some one to call me back i will be asking to go back to minute menu or i will be switching to another software program… i am so disappointed in this customer service

  12. I was forced to switch to kidkare after my pc died… I did the transfer but all my kids are showing up in the withdrawn status and has no reactivate button for me to activate them so I can Co duct my business, it also will not let me put in a child’s actual birthday since it has her her birthday as her enrollment date so I had to put in a false date to make it go thru… I have sent several tickets to have someone contact me along with making several calls only to wait 30min to get put into a voice mail system… I am so frustrated and upset that it has been a week that I have been unable to complete my books and unable to bill and log in payments with such poor customer service… I am and will switch to another software as I can not run a business like this… so disappointed

  13. Is the Kidkare App available for Android phones….if so I cna’t find it????

  14. I do not understand why my epay is still pending after 5 days of signing up. It says it will take 1-3 business days and it well passed that.

    • Is KidKare “really” Minute Menu upgraded or is it the program that took the place of Minute Menu? I ask because
      I made the mistake of switching a year ago and it was a disaster. I do not use the food program aspect of the program (my food program has its own program) and only utilize the book keeping portion of the program. That
      portion was no where near as good as Minute Menu and I ended up having to go back and start over which was

    • That is a problem that shouldn’t happen. You should contact ePay directly to get this fixed.

  15. KidKare is Minute Menu upgraded. Yes, the accounting section of KidKare did not include some of the features available in Minute Menu. And yes, there have been problems with the rollover. KidKare is aware of these failures and is working now to fix these problems and make the accounting section of KidKare better than Minute Menu

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