Labor Law Poster Scam – Don’t be Fooled!

IMG_1230“Failure to comply with current labor law posting requirements may lead to government fines and/or civil liability actions.”

“Posting Labor Notices is The Law!”

These were the headings of a notice that family child care provider Pam Wuertz from Minneapolis, Minnesota received in the mail last week.

The notice looked like a bill. It described how the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires businesses to post posters in the workplace explaining the rights of employees (about minimum wage and workplace safety).

The fee for these posters was $65.

Beware: This mailing is a scam and providers should toss such notices in the trash.

There are two problems with this notice.

First– Family child care providers who don’t have employees aren’t required to post these posters!

Second – If you do have an employee you must comply with the FLSA and post labor posters in your home where the employee can see them. However, you can get these labor posters for free from the U.S. Department of Labor! Click here to download your free copy of all federal labor posters and links to your state department of labor.

Finally, the notice I saw has in very small print at the bottom of the page this sentence: “Certain posters may also be available free from the issuing government agencies.”

Ah ha!

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