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Marketing is the ongoing communication of the benefits of your family child care program.

Whether you have been in business for many years or just starting out, it’s important to promote your program to attract and keep parents.

First Children’s Finance has developed a series of marketing tools that can make this job easier. These free resources include:

  • A marketing plan outline – to help build and maintain enrollment
  • Key marketing tactics – a checklist of key tactics for prospective clients, current clients, and past clients
  • A marketing assessment checklist – a checklist of questions about your past marketing efforts to help you identify what new ideas you may want to try
  • Tips and tools to guide your marketing efforts – a self study to help you develop an understanding of a good marketing strategy
  • Parent contact form – to help you track parent inquiries about your program
  • Benefits and features – a tool to help you identify the benefits of your program
  • Who are your competitors? – a worksheet to help you clarify what makes your program unique

You can download all of these tools here.

First Children’s Finance is a nonprofit organization providing financial and business-development assistance to high-quality child care businesses serving low-and moderate-income families. They provide loans and technical assistance to homes and centers in Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. For more information, contact them at 612-338-3023.

I served on the board of First Children’s Finance for many years and helped write many of these marketing tools.

Tom Copeland –

Image credit: First Children’s Finance

Marketing smallFor more information about marketing, see my book Family Child Care Marketing Guide.

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