MyMax Technology Can Save You Time with Hands-Free Record Keeping

Wouldn’t it be great if you could record attendance records, meals served, hours worked, health reports and child milestones without having to write them down on paper or enter them into a computer?

What if you could simply talk to a computer and tell it to keep these records and then share them with parents?

Now you can.

MyMax is a new technology that allows family child care providers to speak to an Amazon Echo or Dot which will store these records and send daily reports to parents. (This technology allows users to talk to this hands-free speaker and tell it to play music, ask questions, make phone calls, and send and receive messages.)

How does this work in family child care?

A provider would say outloud, “Echo, tell MyMax to check in Emma” and it would record the day and time of this check in.

A provider would say outloud, “Echo, tell MyMax to enter a snack of a banana and milk for Sally” and it would record this snack.

See a video showing these interactions.

MyMax is an important step forward in using technology to make record keeping easier for family child care providers.

It allows providers to communicate more efficiently with parents by sharing this information in the form of daily email reports to parents without having to write anything down. Providers can either automatically send daily reports to parents or review them first before sending them. Here’s what the reports look like:

MyMax can also be used for tax purposes: precise check in and out times will produce a more accurate Time-Space Percentage and accurate meal/snack counts can save hundreds of dollars in taxes.

MyMax is a new product that costs $19.95 per month. However, the cost is reduced to $14.95 for their Black Friday sale which ends Monday, November 27th.

You can also contact MyMax at 877-846-2227 or

If you are using MyMax, let me know what you think.

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  1. I’ve been using myMAX for almost 3 months now and can honestly say, if you’re not, you’re missing out. It’s the first and only tool designed for us, a Family Child Care Provider. It is so easy to use. It has all of the reports that I need and I’ve saved over 5 hours a week. No more check notebooks or logs. I have more time to spend with my own family now, which is extremely important!

    • Hi Michelle, I am wanting to get started with the MyMax but what equipment do I need to have and does it really hook up with all of our programs quickly and easily. I am using KidKare. I just don’t want to start buying stuff that isn’t needed. Thanks Keiria

  2. I’m really interested in this. I currently use kinderlime for attendance and daily sheets. Would this be a replacement? Does it work with Google Home or only Amazon Echo? I’m considering the Google apps.

    • Hi Tiffany, thank you for taking the time to respond!

      Not that Kinderlime is a bad product but you would absolutely be replacing it with myMAX. Which, if I do say so myself, would be an awesome decision. 🙂

      While looking at technology for your child care business, keep in mind that most, if not all other products are designed for center based child care programs. myMAX, is designed and built for you, the Family and Group Child Care Provider. Every feature in myMAX was and will be added with you in mind.

      To answer your last question, currently just the Amazon Alexa. However, we will be integrating with other devices in the near future.

      Thank you again and if you have any other questions, you can reach us at as well.

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