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A series of new business tools and resources on the business of family child care are now posted on the website of First Children’s Finance (FCF).

The tools cover the areas of record keeping, marketing, contracts, legal & insurance, and money management. There is also a section on how to start your business.

Examples of the tools and resources include: starting a family child care business checklist, parent interview tips, car replacement fund, the consequences of incorporating, marketing assessment checklist, and much more.

Many of the materials were written by me. Outside of my blog, this website contains the most information on the business of family child care.

FCF is a non-profit organization providing financial and business-development assistance to high-quality child care businesses (homes and centers) sering low-and moderate-income families. They offer low-interest child care loans and business consulting services in Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and North and South Dakota.

For many years I served on the board of FCF.

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  1. First Children’s Finance can be really a good business resource. Family child care is also an important thing for parents. Nowadays parents don’t have sufficient time to care their baby, but some companies are providing baby care services now, so parents can get these services now.

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