New Study Reveals Portrait of Family Child Care Providers


Do you ever wonder how many other family family child care providers do what you do?

There are about one million paid family child care providers and another 2.7 million unpaid caregivers regularly providing home-based care to children ages birth through age five other than their own.

This number is much higher than previous reports that only looked at the number of licensed or regulated family child care providers.

This data is from a newly released study that surveyed a nationally representative portrait of early care and education teachers and caregivers in center and home-based settings. They based their report on data collected in the first half of 2012.

Family Child Care Providers

The family child care field has a reputation for high turnover. This sometimes raises questions about whether it pays to invest in training and professional development if caregivers are not going to be in the field long enough to apply what they learn.

However, according to this study, 85% of paid providers work fulltime and work an average of almost 54 hours per week (more than double that of unpaid providers).

They also had an average of 13.7 years of experience working with children, significantly higher than center-based teachers (10 years) and unpaid providers (5 years).

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