Do Parents Owe You When Christmas is on Sunday?


This year Christmas Day is on Sunday. If your contract states that parents must pay for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve Day, does this mean that parents must pay for these days even when you are normally closed?

The answer depends on your contract and how you interpret it.

The best way to handle this in your contract is to include the following language: “Payment is due for my paid holidays even if the holiday falls on a day that I am normally closed (i.e. Saturday or Sunday).”

If you don’t have similar language in your contract, you can add it now and ask the parent to sign the addition.

Or, you can tell the parent now that you expect them to pay you for the upcoming holidays, even though it’s not directly addressed in your contract.

What can you do if a parent says she shouldn’t have to pay because it’s not directly addressed in your contract?

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  1. My contract states if the holiday falls on a weekend that I will take a day during the week in observance of the holiday. So I get paid for Christmas Eve and Day.

  2. My contract states observed Holidays. Monday is observed so I am closed. I charge weekly any way.

  3. To elminate that problem of a Holiday falling on a weekend, I close on the Friday or the Monday after the holiday and it is stated in my contract and the full tuition is still due.

  4. I have a contract that states if a paid holiday falls on a weekend, I will choose either the previous Friday or following Monday as my paid day off. 🙂 With Christmas Eve and Christmas both falling on the weekend, I get a paid 4 day weekend!

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