Personal Finance for Dummies


This is my favorite book about money.

I highly recommend this book for family child care providers who don’t know much about personal finance.

It offers a simple-to-follow overview of how to manage your money with a wealth of tips, advice, warnings and expert information.

It contains chapters on how to measure your financial health, getting out of debt, putting your spending on a diet, and planning ahead for financial independence (retirement). It also covers the basics of investing, both inside and outside of retirement accounts.

The author, Eric Tyson, is funny, the book is easy to read, and it’s not boring!

I bought my copy in 1994 and the newest edition is set to be released later in June. You can preorder it from Amazon for less than $15. You will save much more than the price of the book by following any one of his many recommendations.

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Money Management smallFor more information, see my book Family Child Care Money Management and Retirement Guide.

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  1. It provides a simple-to-follow review of how to handle your money with a success of tips, guidance, cautions and professional information.

  2. I think Eric Tyson did a good job of addressing the various aspects of personal finance through this book. The book talked about managing personal finances, the importance of saving money, investing, importance of good quality insurance, etc. The book generally offers financing tips, and how to make decisions regarding investing money. I think it’s necessary to provide this book especially if a person has general questions about handling money. It is important to have a source to look at to have an idea whenever you are unclear of the various aspects of personal finances.
    Ivo Merlos

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