Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs

0807753777“Can my child care program be sued?”

If you have ever asked yourself this question, you are not alone.

Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs by Holly Elissa Bruno and Tom Copeland is the title of a book published by Teachers College Press and Redleaf Press.

This book will reduce the stress that comes with worrying about legal matters. It sets a framework for how you can act legally and ethically to resolve conflicts with families and staff. It offers sample policies, procedures and best practices to help you gain confidence in resolving legal challenges.

Chapter 1: Knowing the Right Thing to Do: Guidance from Legal History, Legal Theory and Basic Research

Chapter 2: Acting Ethically While Reducing the Risks of a Lawsuit

Chapter 3: Reducing Conflicts with Parents: Using Contracts and Policies Effectively

Chapter 4: Building Partnerships with Families: Preventing Sticky Situations and Promoting Clear Expectations

Chapter 5: Keeping Your Child Care Center Safe for Everyone: Prevention Strategies

Chapter 6: Minority Rights: Whose Differences are Protected?

Chapter 7: Privacy and Confidentiality In the Internet Age

Chapter 8: Employee Hiring Process: Ethical and Legal Policies

Chapter 9: Supervision Challengers: Stepping up to the Plate

Chapter 10: Insurance: Are You Fully Covered?


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