Should You “Babysit” for a Parent on a Holiday or Weekend

11992820076_c49d8cdf0f_zIf a parent wanted you to care for their child on a day that you are normally closed (holidays and weekends), what would you say?

It’s up to you.

Many family child care providers would say “no”. They want to spend these times with their own family. Refer parents to your contract that says you are closed on these days. Tell the parent, “Sorry, but I’m closed on these days and I have made other plans with my family.” You can also give parents the names of local babysitters.

What if you were open to providing care on a holiday or weekends? Here are some issues to consider.

  • Check with your licensor to see if are allowed to provide care on these days. If the parents ask your own child to care for their child, ask your licensor if this is allowed. In some states, a provider’s own child cannot do “babysitting” in the provider’s home.
  • Check with your business liability insurance agent to make sure your policy covers you when providing care on these days.

What should you charge to babysit?

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