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The Case of the Fading Receipt

A family child care provider goes to a discount store, purchases an item for her business and gets a receipt. She carefully saves the receipt in a large envelope only to discover at the end of the year that the… Read More ›

About Tom

I’ve been the nation’s leading trainer, author, and advocate for the business of family child care care since 1981. I’m a licensed attorney and have presented hundreds of business workshops for family child care providers across the country. I answer… Read More ›

About This Website

I’m Tom Copeland and I’m here to assist family child care providers become more successful in their business. Family child care is a unique home-based business where children are cared for in the home of the provider. If you are… Read More ›

Family Child Care Business Start-Up Plan

If you are considering establishing a new family child care business (or you have already started the process) here is a checklist of business issues you should address before caring for children: Regulatory Issues Contact your local child care licensor… Read More ›


Here’s a list of the most popular training topics that I can teach. I’ve taught a variety of topics not listed here so let me know if your group is interested in a specific topic you would like me to… Read More ›


I am the nation’s leading trainer on the business of family child care. Since 1981 I’ve trained over 100,000 family child care providers, child care centers, trainers and tax professionals. I am available to offer workshops and webinars on a variety… Read More ›