The Value of Not Backing Down

Here’s the story of a family child care provider who didn’t back down and won. Most child care providers prefer to avoid confrontations. This is the case whether the conflict is with parents, your Food Program sponsor, your licensing worker,… Read More ›

Is the Food Program Worth It?

Some family child care providers continue to question whether it’s worthwhile or not for them to join or stay on the Food Program. It’s always financially beneficial for you to be on the Food Program! Here are some frequently asked… Read More ›

Handouts for Food Program Sponsors

All family child care providers are financially better off if they join the Food Program. These handouts are for Food Program Sponsors and other organizations that work with family child care providers. Some of them are designed to be distributed… Read More ›

Links to Business Resources

I’ve created a new Resources section on my blog where you can find links to a variety of organizations that   can help you become more successful as a business. There are four key organizations that every family child care… Read More ›